01 Nov
Mister Glory on China Daily
We are honoured to be interviewed by China Daily sharing our design concept. With the scarcity of land in Hong Kong, it is always our challenge to balance the storage space and living area. We shared the use of flexible layout to meet different needs in a micro apartment.

Link to the article:
20 Jul
Mister Glory on Hong Kong Open TV
We are honoured to be invited by Hong Kong Open TV sharing our new project in Kai Tak. With the limited living space in Hong Kong, every inch must be used cleverly to meet different needs. In the programme, we shared the skills to transform space and create a flexible layout.
26 Jun
Mister Glory Won the HKPIDA PRO ID AWARD
We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the HK PRO ID AWARD in the competition held by HKPIDA (香港專業室內設計師協會)! This interior design award is a proof of our efforts. Thank you for your vote and support. We will strive our best for excellence.
09 Feb
Mister Glory on "Frans Bauer in China"
We are honored to be invited by “Frans Bauer in China” sharing our project in Star Street, Wan Chai. Dealing with limited living area is always a great problem in Hong Kong so as this apartment. Let’s check out how we rearranged the structure so every living demand can be fulfilled!

Watching the show:
(MisterGlory starting from 11:20)
28 Aug
Mister Glory on SCMP
Thanks South China Morning Post (SCMP) for inviting us to share the design concept of our project, Collections. And for sure, thanks our client for the trust.

// Clever design helped. That means furniture is curved where body parts may get in the way and, for maximum efficiency, walls are well used and storage space specially designed for non-negotiable items. //

Link to the article:
07 Mar
Our Designer Glory Tam Became a Member of HKPIDA
Our designer Glory Tam had been invited and now became a member (高級設計師會員) of Hong Kong Professional Interior Designer Association (香港專業室內設計師協會).
Thanks very much!

Link to HKPIDA:

07 Dec
The Habit Furniture Has Been Awarded the Best of Year Awards
Our first Kickstarter campaign, "The Habit Furniture - A 2 in 1 Fitness Furniture", is successfully funded! theHabit bench could either be a coffee table or a workout bench, while theHabit stool could be a stool or a dumbbell.

We are also one of the honorees in the Interior Design's 12th annual Best of Year Awards! Thanks all for your vote and support, we will keep on our creations.

The Habit Furniture - A 2 in 1 Fitness Furniture:

Interior Design's 12th annual Best of Year Awards :
26 Oct
Mister Glory on Metropop
我們的設計師 Glory Tam 分享了在設計小型單位時,於空間運用及傢俱配搭上的技巧,謝謝 Metropop 的邀請。

小型單位設計術 | Metropop:
30 Sep
Mister Glory on Mingpao Weekly
謝謝 明周 Ming Pao Weekly 的邀請,介紹和分享我們 Timeless 這個項目。

【改造蝸居】奇則單位間隔大執位 開放式設計煥然一新 | 明周:
17 Jul
Mister Glory on SCMP
Thanks South China Morning Post (SCMP) for inviting us to share the design concept of our project, Timeless. Our designer Glory Tam attempts to maximize the spaciousness and maintain the functionalities of different parts of the apartment at the same time.

Link to the article:
28 Apr
Mister Glory Became a Member of SPACEPLAN
室內設計平台除了可以為需要裝修的人找到合適的設計公司,同時地亦令室內設計變得更普及。Mister Glory首次與SPACEPLAN合作,很慶幸能成為當中的一份子。

28 Apr
Mister Glory Won the HKPIDA PRO ID AWARD
We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the HK PRO ID AWARD in the competition held by HKPIDA (香港專業室內設計師協會)! This interior design award is a proof of our efforts. Thank you for your vote and support. We will strive our best for excellence.
27 Jan
Mister Glory on U Magazine


謝謝 U Magazine (ISSUE 581) 詳盡介紹我們位於星街的設計單位。

12 Aug
Mister Glory Participating in Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards
We are here to announce that we made our entry to Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards!

In the latest project in Star Street, the following features stand out: First, a lighter wall color plus a darker floor color are used so as to create an illusion of a larger space.
Second, different zones are divided without using a concrete wall. The working space is located on a platform and is separated from the living room by the back of the desk. The designer also employs an open kitchen. Thus the living room looks so much larger as the work space, the kitchen and the living room are now connected together. Apart from abandoning the concrete wall, the designer divides the bedroom with a large glass wall, which allows the light to come inside and construct a brighter interior.
Third, storage is maximized in this design by utilizing the under platform space and the cabinet behind the TV wall. Moreover, the toilet is made invisible so that the flat looks neater.

More updates are available on the homepage of the Awards, click below and look forward to it!
11 Aug
Mister Glory on men's uno Hong Kong
Are you troubled by the very limited space of your sweet home? Wanna get some possible solutions? Check out Glory's interview with men's uno Hong Kong!

If you are fond of excising and doing workout but your apartment does not provide any gym room facilities, you can add a grip to your bedroom. It can transform to an open wardrobe to hang your clothes on when you are not using it.

If you enjoy cooking, choose an open kitchen with modular bar and seats! Modular furniture always make the best of space as they usually take up smaller area when not in use. You can then open up much more possibilities for your kitchen, while retaining the functionality.

View the original contents below (in Chinese).
23 Nov
Mister Glory on J2 "Own Sweet Home" - Make your space work for you
Tired of knocking down the walls or building flash-fitted bookshelves just to increase living area? Has storage become a buzz-word for you? You have a perfect chance this time to make you space work for you.

This week, our designer has brought us an extraordinary furniture design, which could make your apartment more spacious and commodious. When looking down, you may wonder what this box is. The box, as formed by twelve cubes, is actually a flexible furniture set made with plywood and laminated wooden panel.

Let's begin with the top left image, you can find a dining table that comprises of four dining seats, hiding perfectly within the piece. They can be easily pulled out as shown in the lower left image. Don’t be astonished when you find a side-door. There is a storage space inside the dining table, which offers a minimalistic way to hide your everyday clutter from view.

Movable, foldable and flexible. Just like the movie Transformer, the ‘box’ can easily be unfolded to support your daily activities, or being packed up to make your apartment more spacious.

Being impressed by the design and eager to know more? We are pleased to announce that Glory, our designer, will be on air again as one of the guests in the next episode of 'Own Sweet Home'. Coming up, he will introduce how the ‘transformed’ design to be slipped unobtrusively in the apartment. Stay tuned!

Broadcast details
Date: 23/11/2014(Sun)
Time: 10:30 a.m.
Channel: J2
15 Oct
Home: Beautiful as is
As most of us spend half of our time in our lives staying at our homes, a home is not just a shelter, but a personal space that reflects every aspect of its owners.

At Mister Glory, we place the utmost importance on customer satisfaction and the quality of our service. Throughout the years, we have been highly successful in designing and constructing custom-made furniture that caters to the specific needs of the customers. We pride ourselves in creating flexible designs while satisfying clients’ needs despite their constraints, such as space limitation and a small budget, striking a balance between creativity, versatility application, durability and appearance.

We set ourselves apart by providing excellent service and design, as well as doing renovating and construction projects. In the past, we have frequently received and satisfied demanding requirements by constructing tailor-made desks, renovating houses and rectifying their existing errors.

When setting standards to examine a good home interior design, we believe it should not be lowered to merely the surface — its modernity, style and price of the materials used. Instead, a good design should be inspected on how much it satisfies the requirements of its home owners, because ultimately, a home is nothing if it doesn’t stay true to the home owners’ lifestyle, taste and habits.

P.S. We are proud to announce that we have qualified as the finalist of the GoHome interior design competition. Each and every of your vote meant the world to us, thank you for your support! We endeavor to creating more original and unique interior design in the future!
11 Oct
We're Bringing Nature Back
As one of 2014's biggest interior design trends, many homeowners around the world have started opting for a shift of integrating outdoor décor inside their houses, so as the Hong Kong residents. “Why have people been raving on this direction?” you may ask. Need no worries, we are here to share.

In fact, this theory has been heavily embraced by Japanese architects in the past. Yet in 2014, we see the revival of this movement. With main purposes of creating space to breathe and to absorb the rarely found nature, we find this notion of integrating outdoor elements into indoors one of the best medications for a polluted city soul in Hong Kong. Such concept creates a high flexibility as each occupant gets to construct their own dynamic relationship between the amount of nature and modernity in their apartment.

In our recent project for our client’s apartment in Paxton, we have embraced the same concept. We have delved with natural and intricate materials such as a tree trunk, a structured and earth-toned sofa which mimics rock landscape, as well as constructing a starlit ceiling similar to the Safari’s sky. By brining natural elements into the indoor environment, we have instilled calm, peace and earthy zen into the house.

Are you ready to smoothly transition your home into a more natural and peaceful, yet effortlessly chic and timeless interior design? To give your indoor space a makeover, you can begin with incorporating natural textures and elements into an interior space to break the barrier between indoors and outdoors. Or simply give us a call for a consultation when in doubt!
09 Oct
研究空間,許多時候都令我們想起著名的荷蘭版畫家 M.C. Escher。幾乎每個人——即使認不出他的名字——都總會見過他某些畫作,比如 Metamorphosis、Waterfall 等。他的畫作以充滿空間錯視(或叫空間偽術也不錯)以及無窮的迴圈而聞名。好像這幅「Ascending and Descending」,M.C. Escher 便把Lionel Penrose 發明的「不可能的楷梯」,透過細緻的描繪提昇至更高層次。


空間偽術通常還有一種啟示。就像 Vase and Face 之類的錯視,同一幅畫可能同時藏有兩個畫像。可是,基於人的感知所限,同一時間只能看到兩者之一。要看到畫的全局,必須先放棄一個觀點,重新接納另個觀點,然後再抽離,接受兩個畫像同時存在的事實。如果過於集中在某一個畫面,甚至會忽視了另一個畫像的存在。近日謠言滿天飛,動不動就有人將某些畫面無窮放大,忽視了現實的立體性,以偏蓋全。或者,可以趁這個機會介紹他們認識一下M.C. Escher?

「Ascending and Descending」的原畫作中,高樓的較下方其實還有兩人,Escher 叫他們做「自由的人」。他們似乎是看破了高樓上的荒謬境像,卻被遺在低處。站在高樓上的人,到底什麼時侯才會醒覺,走出無止境的自欺欺人,與高樓之下的人對話?

16 Sep
We are very proud to be nominated to compete in the GoHome Interior Design Competition 2014
Recently, our design team has curated a renovated interior look for a pair of expatriate couple expecting two twin boys in the coming months. The site is a 1659-square feet apartment, located in PAXTON, Mong Kok. We’ve transformed the original 4-bedroom space into a 3-bedroom apartment, comprising of a master bedroom, a study room and a baby bedroom.

We have surrounded the interior design around the central theme of “The Flower of Life”, which embodies a circular motion and the playful combination of flowers’ outlines. As the epitome of chic and elegance, the idea of flowers accentuates the endless beginnings and ends to life. We have constructed a totem out of flowers in linear patterns and integrated it in the house, creating a sense of tranquility in the earth-toned house.

To tailor our design for the married couple and their expecting twins, we have reserved a considerable amount of vacant area to create a spacious and vibrant atmosphere. Considering the need for extra storage when the children grow up, we have structured the interiors in a flexible way, to make it easily manageable for the parents in the future.

If you’re as excited as we are about this project, please vote for us today, as the majority of the final result will be determined by votes (70%). Each and every of your vote counts! The 2-week voting period starts from the 16th to 28th of September. Simply go to and click our company "Mister Glory Ltd"!

We thrive on producing high quality, personal and customized interior design so that everyone can own their dream home. If you would like us to fulfill more of homeowners’ dreams, please help us fulfill ours by voting!
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